Ukelele virtuoso, Jake Shimabokuro.

I wonder what is at the end of the rainbow?

Ah, the rainbow generator.



Humpback spouting.

So there are a lot of fish in Maui.

A lot.

I mean, really, quite a few.

Stripebelly Puffer.

Cornet fish.

Convict tang.

Slate Pencil Urchin.

Oval butterflyfish

Ornate Butterflyfish


Find the octopus.

Yellow Tang.

A lot of Yellow Tang.


The purple and yellow fish is the endemic Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse.

Trumpetfish (Yellow Phase)


Green Turtle (Honu)

Imperial Sea Slug?

Yellowmargined Moray? (~4-5 feet).

A Whitemouth Moray.