The Reading Festival 2004.

Tent city.

Home sweet home.


Uhm...yeah, did you really think that would work?

Largest skillets ever!

Before the main stage opens.

I don't think that bird was for me, but oh well.

If you are ever at a Distillers concert get up front, she threw the entire guitar in the crowd.  (Un-smashed even!)

I can't explain the christmas tree any more than I can explain this.

Saddam made a few appearances this weekend. 

Howlin' Pelle Almquist, showing off for the crowd.

Doh, a couple seconds too late!

He must have escaped Dubya's clutches.

Har Mar Superstar is an ass.

Let me reiterate,  Har Mar Superstar is an ass.

The Offspring showered the crowd with confetti and popcorn

The Darkness even had a full on fireworks show. (IMHO better than their music)

The Mystery Machine!!  There were probably more than a few Scooby snacks consumed here.

Improvised wellies.

Leftovers from the Offspring the night before.

The 5678's of Kill Bill fame.  Woo hoo!

Young Heart Attack, a great band from Texas.


The New York Dolls were as ambiguously gendered as ever.

These two shots turned out really well.

Unfortunately the dark interior of the BBC 1 tent wasn't conducive to digital photography.

The White Stripes just keep getting better and better.

Clearly someone wasn't paying attention when they planned this.  Where is the mud and nudity?

Well with Green Day on the American Idiot tour, I probably should hae expected this.

Billy Jo.

The march back to the train station.  A little bit poorer and a little bit more hard of hearing.