The Mall, where the royal procession approaches Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace.

HMS Belfast, one of the last battleships made in WW II, beside a modern cruise ship.

Nelson's column.

Parliament viewed from Trafalgar square.

Oldest operating business in the world.  The liberty bell was cast here.

Cleopatra's Needle.

The only thing in Harrod's you are allowed to take a picture of.

Lloyd's of London.

John Merrick, the Elephant Man used to live here.

Piccadilly Circus.

Where Jack the Ripper's taunting message to the police was found.


The detective himself.

The Smart car.

If you don't pay for parking you get "the Clamp".

(Formerly) Bedlam mental hospital

View from Waterloo Bridge.

Thankfully they usually tell us tourists where the traffic is coming from.