Gaudi's cathedral masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia (perpetually under construction)

Closeup's of some of the facades


The path to Parc Guell.

The Parc Guell gatehouses.

The Salamander fountain at Parc Guell.

The Sala Hipůstila benches at Parc Guell. (1)

The Salamander fountain at Parc Guell. (2)

There are many statues scattered throughout the city.

"Homage to Barceloneta"


No comments on what this statue is depicting.

At the Barcelona Zoo

Floquette de Neu (Snowflake) is the star of the zoo.

Sadly, he had to be euthanized shortly after my visit due to skin cancer.

I don't know who was enjoying this game of patty-cake more.

Can you find the giraffe hidden in this picture?

I guess it is not just fish that go belly-up.

The Plexi-glass and dim lighting didn't help this picture opportunity, but watching a newborn gorilla bottle-feed was quite entertaining.