The Monument a Colom.  Columbus must be saying "Go out here for a bit and then make a sharp right" because he isn't pointing anywhere near the New World.

La Manzana de la Discordia, three rich families were trying to outdo each other with spectacular houses.

Casa Lleo Morera is the first of the three main houses of la Manzana de la Discordia,.

Casa Amatller is the second.

A close-up of one of the windows of Casa Amatller.

Casa Battlo is the last.  It is meant to depict St. George slaying the dragon.  The balconies represent the skulls and bones of the dragons victims.

A window close-up at Casa Battlo.

Is this Maxim's yacht??

This was kind of a shock to see.

The exterior of the amazing Casa Mila apartment complex.

The attic.

The roof.


The central open space as seen form the roof.

...And from below.

Ham anyone?

I can't believe people still play Three Card Monte (AKA Find The Lady) in this day and age

The port beside Rambla de la Mer.

Scooter Central

Smart car parking only.

Castell Montjuic was a bit of a climb, but well worth it.

The coastal guns which overlook the port.

The views from Montjuic.