Station Centraal.

Close up of wind direction indicator and clock.

Some slanty shanties.

A canal shot.

Some of the feathered inhabitants of the canals.

The number of bicycles in this city is astronomical.

The WW II monument in Dam square.

I really don't know why George Carlin is freeing the slaves... Although I can see why he would be a hero in Amsterdam.

Modern sculpture.

Gouda and Edam are the local specialities.

The clogs are purely for tourists.

Herring on toast.... 

The Imperial Palace, a skating rink is in the foreground.

De Waag.

One of the lovely red-light establishments.  Interesting fountain.

Amsterdam's symbol is actually XXX.  It even appears on their flag, and lamp posts as above.

Only in Amsterdam

Absinthe, and some other nasty things including Cannabis liqueur.