Learn more about Pompeii here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pompeii


The arena at Pompeii.

You can see Mt. Vesuvius, the (active) volcano that buried the city in ash and pumice in the background.

These are the stairs to the "nosebleed" seats at the top of the arena. 


Some of the frescoes are in amazing condition,

The mosaics scattered around the ruins are equally incredible.


A few of the original fountains are still in place.

One of the few living inhabitants of the city.


The rest of the inhabitants have been here for a long, long time.

 The victims of the eruption have been frozen in time.

 Preserved exactly as they were in their last moments in 79 AD.


If you need some amphorae for your wine, olive oil or Garum, they can hook you up.


One of the forums/amphitheatres.

Even the worst seats are pretty darn good.

After a night of watching gladiators and Greek tragedies, what else but fast food, ancient roman style...

Pizza ovens really haven't changed all that much. 

(ok, it's really a bread oven, but you never know, they could have put some tomato sauce and cheese on the bread)

The city certainly is peaceful now.  Vesuvius is the only active volcano on the European mainland.

"While Vesuvius is not thought likely to erupt in the immediate future, the danger posed by future eruptions is seen as very high in the light of the volcano's tendency towards sudden extremely violent explosions and the very dense human population on and around the mountain"