Day trip to Mysore

The 6 hour drive did not start out well.


It seems the local sugarcane farmers were protesting low prices by holding up traffic.  (pictured above, sugarcane of course)

Brief flash forward to a sugarcane-juice making contraption.

More traffic.

Still in traffic.

Better call in the cavalry.

Well, I don't know if he used that stick on anyone, but shortly after he walked by we were on our way.

Tomb of Tipu Sultan"The Tiger of Mysore"


These can't possibly be river-worthy.

I stand corrected.

Bathing here is a Hindu purification ritual, part of funerals.

The ashes to be scattered in the river.

View from the top of Chamundi Hill.

Statue of the asura (demon) Mahishasura on top of Chamundi Hills.

Sri Chamundeshwari temple.

No footwear in any temples or palaces.

I dunno whether he's picking up or dropping off.

Leela Palace/hotel.