Somewhat sadly, you can now buy chunks of the Wall in every souvenir shop in Berlin. 

It appears that in the end it was truly capitalism that toppled the wall for good.

Sculpture made with the remains of the Berlin Wall.

A guard tower and section of the wall, as it would have been seen from West Berlin.  (Now in the Allied Museum)

Peeking in the guard tower  (which seems to have the bat-phone in it)

The actual Checkpoint Charlie (also at the Allied Museum).

The replica Checkpoint Charlie now occupying the original's place.

Some guy in an "American Soldier uniform" stood here and stamped people's passports for 1 euro each. 

I was somewhat shocked by the number of gullible tourists that fell for this.

This line denotes the former location of the wall, and can be seen in many locations around Berlin.

It bisects a monument to those who lost their lives trying to flee East Germany and the Stasi.

Isolated sections of the wall still remain standing.

And there are numerous, less formal tributes to the victims.

The remaining photos are all from the largest standing section of the wall that remains.

It is called the East Side Gallery and is approx 1.3 km long.