Most of these photos are taken at ~10m deep.

This photo was taken looking straight down with the wall of coral on my right.  It was taken in Dahab at a dive site called the blue hole (80+ m deep)

Accounts vary, but somewhere between 48 to 70 divers have died here, trying to reach the bottom.

Lionfish at Raz Mohammed.  During the night dive we took there these little critters would follow your torchlight around waiting for a midnight snack to be illimunated.

Of course this behaviour makes it very easy to have lionfish races.  ;-)

This pictures was taken very close to the surface (2-3 m) which explains the more realistic colour.

Giant Clam with a small "catfish"?

Red sea anemonefish (almost identical to clownfish)

A nice Bannerfish and some amazing coral formations. 

These pictures were taken with a Fuji 10 m disposable underwater camera.  Amazingly, it survived a plunge to 30 m in my BCD pocket.

It's extremely tempting to spring for a underwater digital camera.... hmmm....