There were legions of dive boats available, ours was the Verdi.

Waiting to dive in Dahab. (about an hour by jeep from Sharm El Sheikh and Na'ama bay)

Harvey, our British ex-marine dive instructor.

Does every Egyptian boat captain steer with his feet?


Warming up after a dive.

Due to "losing" his wallet/passport on the boat, but it later  reappearing in his room, this diver had to do a "forfeit"

Harvey's choice was to make him sing Barbie girl on the prow of the boat much to the delight of all aboard, I'm sure.

This is Barney, our Divemaster-in-training on the trip.  He completed his course successfully and had to partake in the traditional funnel o' beer to graduate.

Even worse than funnel I'm sure, he ended up having to take a 10 hour bus ride to Cairo for his flight back to England the next day.  

(thankfully our group used the local airport in Sharm El Sheikh)

Some of my fellow divers just couldn't leave work behind. 

The waters are just teeming with fish.

Perfecting my "Giant-stride" entry into the water.

Just greeting the boat.

One of the big luxury hotels.

Na'ama Bay at night.  It was like a 'Vegas' version of Egypt.

The Camel Bar at the hotel even had a little reminder of home in it.

Does every maid in a warm country know towel origami?

No trip is complete without a souvenir.