Saqqara is a burial ground located near the old capitol of Memphis.  

One of the highlights of Saqqara, the Serapeum (tomb of the Apis bulls) was closed due to an Archaeological excavation.

This is part of the Djoser complex at Saqqara.  It is older than the pyramids at Giza. 

These are some more shots of the step pyramid, considered the oldest pyramid on earth.

A tourist shot with my Hawaiian shirt.

My chance to be Indiana Jones.  All of the dark carvings were buried under the sand still.

Who knows how long it has been since someone viewed these hieroglyphs. 

Then again, for all I know a sandstorm the day before could have covered them.

Ancient Fisherman.

This is the Unis Pyramid, little more than a heap today.

Unfortunately, some of the pyramids are little more than rubble. 

The stone was scavenged by various groups, mainly for fortresses in the Middle Ages.

But the archaeologists are doing their best to try and restore them.

These are the pyramids at Dahshur.  The leftmost is the Bent pyramid, the ancient architects needed to change the angle halfway up to prevent a collapse.

I think you can see 11 other pyramids on the horizon from Saqqara. The left group is at Giza (84 km!), and the rightmost group is at Abu Sir. .

Some scenery shots.