The huge temple complex of Karnak is just north of modern Luxor.  It was dedicated to the Theben triad of Amun, Mut and Khonsu.


The avenue of ram-headed Sphinxes which originally ran to the Nile.

I don't know what this was used for, but it was located in a remote corner of the complex.  A Mortar and pestle?

One of Queen Hatshepshut's obelisks can be seen in the background.

Amun and Mut.

The sheer scale of the hypostle hall is breathtaking.

The flared columns represent papyrus flowers blooming.


Archaeologists using a crane to reconstruct one of the temples.  Somehow this just seems like cheating....

This used to be an avenue of sphinxes running all the way to Luxor temple (2.5 km)

The well preserved temple of Khonsu.

An ancient baboon statue.

Some date palms and a small archway.

You are supposed to walk around the scarab once for luck, thrice for a marriage and nine times for a first born child. 

Somehow I think the tourist guides made that up to amuse themselves. To the right is the sacred lake.

Part of Queen Hatshepshut's fallen obelisk.