Almost all of these photos are taken at the Cairo museum.  The number of artifacts here is staggering, I read that if you spent a minute examining each one, it would take nine months.  

(oh, most of the artifacts in the museum aren't labeled ether) 

I couldn't help but think of the Cowardly lion.

Seneb the dwarf and his family.  He carried the title of ‘Keeper of the Royal Wardrobe’.

This statue is currently being used in a family planning campaign by the Egyptian government. 

Geese paintings from Meidum.


Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh..

Ramses II as a a prince being protected by Horus.

He is wearing the sidelock of youth.

A Scribe.

Taweret, ancient Egyptian goddess of maternity and childbirth, protector of women and children

Hathor in cow form.

These statues are from the Greek and Roman Periods.


Tutankhamun's chair.

He rested his feet on the bodies of his enemies.  Dark skinned Nubians and red skinned Asians.

The star of the show, Tutankhamun's solid gold deathmask.

Tutankhamun's treasures are a breathtaking site, but most are behind glass and there is no flash allowed. 

Since this isn't very conducive to picture taking, I would suggest the official site.

There is no photography at all allowed in the mummy room.

Cairo Tower and the region of Zamalek.

The story goes that Roosevelt, then a roving CIA operative, allegedly gave President Nasser's confidant a suitcase of cash amounting to one million US dollars to be "used for purchasing presidential security accouterments."

Furious at the attempt to be bribed, he used it to build this tower instead.

The Nile skyline at night.  The skyscrapers are invariably Hotels for Western tourists.