Just an example of the chaos that is Aswan.

A pile of gravel was dumped right in the middle of the road, as building construction was going on

One of the spice shops in the souq (local bazaar).  The more creative shops pile their spices to look like pyramids.

I'm not sure if you eat the starfish...or if they are decoration.  The green packets on the right are henna.

This is the Unfinished obelisk.  If it was completed it woud have been the largest worked piece of stone in the world.

It was abandoned due to a fault that appeared while still being hewn from the quarry.

It's difficult to get a scale of the granite obelisk. It's estimated at 2.3 million pounds, 40 meters long.

If you bribe the guards, you can see some of the original graffiti from the work crews.

After spending any time in Eypt, bribing becomes second nature.  It is the only way to get things done.

The tourist boats waiting to go to the Temple of Philae.

The Temple at Philae.  

The classic pharoah smiting his enemies pose.  (A group is being held by their hair)

You can still make out the chisel marks on some pieces.


One of the mosques back in modern Aswan.

A cruise ship coming down from Aswan.

Feluccas on the nile.

The Aswan Oberoi hotel.

The Tombs of the Nobles on the west bank are a rarely visited attraction.

With long, sand covered staircases like this I quickly understood why.

The eerie atmosphere and solitude of the tombs was worth the climb.

Well, it isn't quite the solid gold sarcophagus that Tutankhamun has, but it will have to do.  This is the Family of Sarenput II.

Modern Aswan as seen from the west bank.  There are 5 cruise ships in the foreground.

One of the boulders that gives Elephantine island its name.

The local children have some home-made, hand paddled boats which the use to ply the Nile.

Of course, their main purpose is to allow the little urchins to beg for baksheesh from tourists.

The mausoleum of Aga Khan, now closed to the public.  This is due to the cooking fire smoke from the local souvenir sellers damaging it.

One of my Felucca crew.

I even took a turn at the rudder myself. 

I'm not looking too impressed right here, as my captain is currently making tea out of Nile water. 

(look up bilharzia to find out why)

The Nilometer, don't ask me how it works.

The Old Cataract hotel.  Agatha Christie stayed here while being inspired for 'Death on the Nile'.


Sunset on the Nile.