Into the rain forest, the start of couple km hike to find

...the waterfall at the end of tis trail.

Green tree lizard, not sure what kind. 

Basilisk lizard (aka Jesus Christ lizard, the ones that run on water.)




Capuchin monkey mother and baby.

If you don't use the monkey proof bins for your garbage, they'll take it right out of the nomal trash cans.

They don't seem very happy about the selection in our trash either....

So keep the monkeys happy and use the correct can!

Hmmph, humans....

Three-Toed sloth.

Sloths at rest tend to stay at rest.

but ever once in awhile you see sloths in motion.

Howler Monkey Exhibitionist.

Sneaky iguana.

Who knew there were tree crabs....

and flower crabs...

or white tail deer in Costa Rica?

Il Postino (The Postman) butterfly

Some 'shrooms.


A tree you do not want to climb....


On to the beach, gotta love the low season.

Impromptu Rainy season  river.

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the rays (maybe manta rays?) leaping out of the water.  They were just a little too fast and too far away.

I know, I know...even the iguana is dissapointed in me for missing it.