Skipping X-mas '05 on San Andrés Island, Colombia

The archipelago of San Andrés and Providence is located 480 miles North-West of the Colombian mainland in the Caribbean Sea.

(map from

View from right outside our room in the Decameron Maryland. 

Our drawing room, beds were in another room.  (not pictured)

Patio view

The Maryland was one of 5 Decameron hotels on the island, we could use the facilities and restaurants at each (with a reservation).

How can you go wrong with a swim-up bar?  (all included of course)


Not quite the view from our window.  A great painting in our hotel room.

Part of a local playground.

Christmas, Caribbean style.

Even Santa got in on the act.  I'm pretty sure he isn't having milk and cookies at this island bar.

I might be ready to believe this kid is "la solucion" after this display of walking on water.

Some pictures from "downtown".

One of our sister hotels, the Decameron Aquarium.

The ultimate in laid back style.  Is it easier to cut down the tree or just make a hole in your awning?

Driving around the entire island (22 km) on a golf cart was a definite highlight.

Behold the Blowhole.  (aka the Tourist trap)

Too much drinking and driving (from coconuts)...

... must lead to a lot of accidents.

It only rained once or twice.

But when it rained, it definitely rained.

I dunno about you, but abandoned plane in the overgrowth just screams drug plan to me.  Maybe I watch too much "Lost".

Now this is a vacation.

Can never get enough souvenirs.  (i'm quite proud of the Columbian crack pipe carved to look like a toucan)

When the native ladies ask if you want your hair braided, "Just say no."  I'm pretty disappointed I didn't get a photo of the baldhawk we spotted.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

WARNING!! If you ever get a chance to visit San Andrés, beware the Speckled Pouncing Dog of Northern Columbia. 

It will attack when you least expect it