The funicular ride up to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal.
At the peak.
The teleferico ride down Cerro San Cristóbal.
Looks like they could use some rain.
Statuary in the business district.
Can you guess who this is?
That's right, the composer Bach.
Not pictured:  The teen running by me carrying a hat in his hands.
Not pictured:  The group of about 5 other teens running after him seconds later.
Not pictured:  The van full of policeman that were following them, and did a rapid u-turn right in front of me.
Pictured:  The art museum I was there to see.
There is something unsettling about Lincoln combined with palm trees.
Everyone seems far more relaxed here.  The security guard was standing beside me, watching these guys skate.
At the Hyatt.
View from the hotel room.
Is it odd that I found a parking lot so entertaining? 
Check out the entrance gate that reminds you to get your ticket.
I've seen handicapped and expectant mother parking before....
...but parking for the elderly was a new one for me.