The imposing Cathédrale Sts. Michel et Gudule.

The open square of the Grand Place is truly breathtaking.  This is the Maison du Roi, former home to the ruling Spanish Monrachs.

These are some close-up shots of the Hôtel de Ville (City hall)

The rooftops of Le Renard, Le Cornet and Le Roi d'Espagne form the NorthWest border of the Square



The EU Parliament buildings, as seen from Parc Leopold.

This could be plucked straight from the streets of Paris

The Science museum has an interesting exterior.


Belgium is the land of chocolate after all.

And Beer...

I think this store had about 400 varieties on offer

Oh and fries/chips with Mayonnaise.  These are supposedly the best in the city (with appropriate size lines to boot)


A mourning angel at place des Martyrs

At the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée.  I will restrain myself from making "Smurfy" comments.

Tintin and the Smurfs (les Schtroumpf) are both Belgian.

Interesting political statement on a streetsign.


The posh "Old England" building.


The cityscape of the Lower Town

The Palais Royal, official home of the rigning Belgian Monarch Albert II.

Parc de Bruxelles, former medieval hunting grounds.

Some of the last remaining bits of the town wall.

One of the many busy tourist restaurant alleys around the grand Place.

Square Ambiorix

The Art Nouveau façade of No. 11 Square Ambiorix.

Some interesting public statues and fountains.

A monument to fallen soldiers.

Imagine my delight at stumbling upon the 5th annual Belgian Citroën Jumble!

It was being held in front of the Belgian Arc de Triomphe in Parc du Cinquetenaire and AutoWorld.


The Mannekin Pis gets different clothes for different events.  This is celebrating the 10 Anniversary of Nelson Mandella's release.

Here he is celebrating Slovakia's entry into the EU in his own particular way.

If only I had more room in my backpack, I could have had my very own.

The feminists created a Jeanneke Pis in the 80's, but for some reason it was locked up when I visited.